Rocky Mountain Journalism Camp

“I went to Journalism camp all four years and I have had a blast every time! Camp was such a great way to get to know your staff and learn what yearbook was all about. Also, you get to stay in the dorms, eat at the dining hall and take classes that you are interested in. If you can make it work, I would absolutely recommend it because it is such a good experience! Don't expect to get much sleep. but expect to have a lot of fun!!”                       Rachel Wertz, Arapahoe High School
"Yearbook camp opened my eyes to the world of yearbook. I had never done yearbook before and I had a lot to learn, but the classes were specialized so that I could learn the things I needed to without feeling like I was behind. Also the extra activities--like the hypnotist made the weekend memorable."

 Johanna Hecht, Arvada West High School

“J-Camp was a great experience for everyone on our staff. It was so beneficial to get a head start on our theme and to start planning out the rest of the year. Beyond the book, it was great for getting to know everyone before school started. The freshmen showed up the first day of school and already had a good feel foreverything; we had a good ‘groove’ as a staff right from the get-go.”                       
Rob Lindeman, Arapahoe High School
"Camp really bonded me with my future staff and made me feel more prepared to take on my own yearbook." 

Hayley Oswald, Littleton High School

"I didn't realize that by working for only three days (non-stop) that we could create such a cool concept and be so prepared for the school year. Three days at yearbook camp is like three weeks in the normal school year." 

Emily Holtz, Arvada West High School

“Going to Journalism camp was one of the greatest camps I’ve ever been to. I had so much fun bonding with my staff and made great friends with staffers from other schools. It brought everyone together, putting away the competition for the first few days. I still talk to some of my friends from the camp even though they live over an hour away.  J-Camp is educational and so much fun, there was never a moment where I wished I was home sleeping. With a lack of sleep at camp, things got more fun. The volleyball tournament and hypnotist show helped relieve the built up stress from the book.”                                                                   Paige Johnson, Arapahoe High School
"Camp is so fun. It is fun to get to know all the other staff members and it's cool that we get to develop the whole yearbook before the year starts. I love the volleyball tournament too!" 

 Ryan MacDowell, Littleton High School

"Camp was so much fun, our staff bonded and we got so much done before the year even started, I'm sad I can't go back!" 

Carly Fineman, 12,  Boulder HS

“Yearbook camp is not only a valuable experience, but allowed us to work with expert yearbook advisors who helped us design our book cover to cover. If we hadn't gone to camp we wouldn't have created such an exceptional book this year.”

Molly Moran,  Boulder HS

"I had such a good time at camp last year. It helped our staff so much. We came up with the theme of the book in three days, so when we

came back to school we were ready to present our ideas. It was an awesome experience."

Karissa, Editor, Grandview High School

“I went to camp my first time my sophomore  year and I am so happy I went. I learned yearbook skills, but also leadership skills. I made life-long friends that share the same passion for yearbook that I have. I suggest that anyone interested in yearbook go because there is a creative group of people wanted to help you learn and reach your goals.”

Brittney Bulawa, 11, Chaparral HS

"The Volleyball Tournament was really fun and I loved meeting girls from other schools who shared my enjoyment of being on a yearbook staff." 

Will Paton, Littleton High School

"Going to camp with my girls was one of the highlights of my summer.  Staying in the dorms and working together all day made us such good friends by the end of camp. I also learned a lot about yearbook that I think its's going to help make this year's book the best yet.  I wish I could go back every summer!" 

Bri Bordasch, Boulder HS

"Camp is great to learn the basics of yearbook and to get inspired for the upcoming year." 

Terrell Blei, Littleton High School


"Yearbook camp opened my eyes to the world of yearbook. I had never done yearbook before and I had a lot to learn, but the classes were specialized so that I could learn the things I needed to without feeling like I was behind. Also the extra activities--like the hypnotist made the weekend memorable." 

Johanna Hecht Arvada West High School

“I’ve been to camp four timesand have loved it every year. It’s a great way to bond with the staff and it’s a really good learning experience. Every YERD should go to J-Camp.

Chelsea Conrad, Arapahoe High School

“Last year, Yearbook Camp provided my staff with several opportunities to lay the groundwork for the coming year with publication experts who specialized in design and overall concepts. My staff came back inspired with their best theme yet, a set of creative layouts for each section, a completed theme copy, lots of team building ideas, and a set of routines and expectations to start their year with both focus and enthusiasm. Time was saved, skills were honed, the staff grew closer, the new editors stepped up, and as the adviser, I began the first day of school smiling, relaxed, and excited for yet another successful publication year.  You better believe we will be at camp!” 

 Justin Daigle, Brighton High School

"Yearbook camp is the most valuable experience a staff can have. The past two years we have walked in with very basic ideas for our book and left with a theme concept that was complete with visual and verbal elements that allowed us to hit the ground running in August." 

Annie Gorenstein, 

Adviser Arvada West High School

"Camp is awesome! It's a great way to get to know the new staffers, as well as help cultivate the leaders of the group. I love seeing the excitement as a theme is developed and a design is made."

Leigh Smith,

Former Adviser Littleton High School

“Camp is invaluable for my staff to prepare them for the coming year.  They learn essential skills in leadership, design, and technology; they develop their theme and design for next year's book; and they network with other yearbook students from all over the state.  However, the most valuable aspect of camp is the way my staff comes together and bonds--these bonds carry them through the coming year of hard work and dedication necessary to produce the best yearbook ever!  Go Rebels!”

Lisa Theis, Adviser, Columbine HS

"Camp, for our staff, is a time where we can just be ourselves. My staff learns more about one

another in those 3 days, than they knew the entire year previously. We talk about camp from day one of class and we never stop reminiscing and appreciating the invaluable experience...we also actively train for the volleyball tournament in order to continue our underdog dominance."

Daniel Barocas, Adviser, Overland High School

“I can’t imagine NOT going to J-CAMP!”

Greg Anderson, Arapahoe High School