Rocky Mountain Journalism Camp

Yvette Manculich, CJE, YEARBOOK

Yvette Manculich Yvette Manculich, CJE, has been advising The Prowl Yearbook at Powell Middle School for the past 14 years. Her yearbook staffs have earned six Pacemakers from NSPA and eight consecutive Gold Crowns from CSPA as well as numerous All Colorado awards from CSMA. 





Annie Gorenstein is the adviser of The CLAW Yearbook at Arvada West High School. In her four years of advising, her staffs have won numerous awards from the Colorado High School Press Association, and in 2013 they earned an All-American Critique from NSPA. 

Carrie Faust is the Yearbook, Newsmagazine and Online News adviser at Smoky Hill High School. Her publications have earned many state and national awards, including Pacemaker in 2005 and several Pacemaker finalist and Silver Crown acknowledgments. Her book is consistently amongst the top in the country. Carrie was honored as a JEA Distinguished Adviser in 2009 and a Medal of Merit recipient in 2013. She is also on the JEA and CHSPA board of directors.

Justin Daigle advises Brighton High School’s Reflections Yearbook, which has earned numerous awards from the Colorado High School Press Association, NSPA and CSPA, including a 2012 Silver Crown. Justin was the 2009 CHSPA Teacher of the Year, 2010 JEA Rising Star, President of the CHSPA and 2014 Pacemaker Finalist.

Jed Palmer is the yearbook, broadcasting, and online news adviser at Sierra Middle School in Parker, CO. His journalism program has earned numerous state and national awards, including Pacemaker and Gold Crown Awards. His students have earned NSPA Picture of the Year recognitions for 10 consecutive years. Jed was the CHSPA Adviser of the Year and a JEA Distinguished Adviser in 2013. He is a frequent presenter at conventions and workshops on topics of yearbook them and photography.

Pete LaBlanc, CJE,  YEARBOOK


RMJs goal is to help students create their best work possible during our workshop while being guided by these amazing teachers and bonding with their staffs.

We are proud that our instructors are all State and Nationally recognized advisers.

Danny BarocAs, CJE, YEARBOOK 



Ben Reed is the adviser for MOHI Media at Monarch High School. He has previously advised publications that have won the NSPA Pacemaker and have been named to the CSMA All-Colorado Hall of Fame. At home, he's married to the most wonderful wife in the world, with two sons and two cats keeping his hands full.

Anastasia Harrison has been advising yearbook for 14 years and currently teaches and advises the Epic yearbook and The Forum newsmagazine at Legend High School in Parker, CO. Her yearbook staffs have received First Class and All American Honors in NSPA’s critique service, as well as an NSPA Pacemaker award. They also received Gold Medalist critiques from CSPA with All-Columbian Honors. She received the JEA Rising Star Award in 2011 and recently sat for her CJE certification.


Greg Anderson has been involved with scholastic journalism for over 25 years. As a young English teacher, he was asked whether he wanted to take over the student newspaper, and he naively said, “Sure; that sounds interesting.” Little did he know that his life would never be the same, but for the better! He advised the student newspaper staffs at San Manuel HS and Sedona Red Rock HS in Arizona, and is currently the adviser of the Arapahoe Herald at Arapahoe HS in Centennial, Colorado.  The Arapahoe Herald staff won a NSPA Pacemaker in 2009 and was a Pacemaker finalist for their 2013 edition. He also advises the Calumet yearbook and the Spear broadcast team at Arapahoe HS.

Erik Austin is the yearbook adviser at Cheyenne Mountain High School and his book is a State and National Award Winner.  His students are known for their phenomenal photography skills and have been recognized nationally.

Pete LeBlanc will start his 26th year of teaching in August. In 2008-09, LeBlanc helped open Antelope High School, where he still advises the Titanium yearbook, Titan Times the Magazine and Titan TV. Students on those staffs have been honored with many Crown awards from CSPA and Pacemakers from NSPA. LeBlanc, who loves all that is sushi, Patriots and Red Sox, was named the JEA 2006 Yearbook Adviser of the Year.



Carrie Hendrix has been advising the Westwind yearbook for the past 14 years and the Ranger Review newspaper for nine years at Lewis-Palmer High School in Monument, Colorado. Her yearbook publication earned the All-Colorado state award five years in a row and national awards including a 2012 Silver Crown from CSPA, 2014 NSPA Pacemaker, and most recently a 2017 CSPA Silver Crown. Hendrix was named the 2015 CSMA Adviser of the Year. She enjoys presenting sessions at state and national conventions and teaching at camps to share her journalism passion. She’s a true Southern gal inside and out, complete with the accent to prove it.

Danny Barocas, is entering his 12th year as the yearbook adviser at Overland High School in Aurora, CO. The Trail yearbook is consistently a CSMA All-Colorado book and has earned First Class and All-American Honors from NSPA. The Trail consistently receives Gold Medals from CSPA and was recently awarded a Silver Crown. Danny strongly believes in: the power of literature, staying hydrated, and tacos. 

Kathy Daly's yearbook staffs were awarded numerous CSPA Crowns, NSPA Pacemakers and CHSPA Awards while she taught at Overland High School. After advising, she consulted with yearbook programs and taught at numerous workshops and conventions across the country as a Herff Jones Special Consultant. She currently explores her passion as a professional photographer (KDaly Photography) while continuing to teach yearbook students.